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Our Process
I have been making pattern welded steel, also known as Damascus, for over 20 years. I make pattern welded bar stock for other makers, bare blades (without hilting), and fully fitted swords & knives.

I am a one man operation; every blade that leaves my shop is made entirely by me. I favor recreating weapons based on historical examples of Western European weapons; from various eras, mainly Viking, thru Medieval. The pieces I make are not “copies” of original blades, but rather my interpretation of various historical examples.

I strive to keep design features such as; weight, balance, edge geometry, and proportion historically correct. Although I use modern materials, with sophisticated heat treating methods, my blades are still constructed in the same manner as the originals were.

Our Blades
My blades are made from new steel, not from “mystery metal”. Each batch of steel I buy comes with its own certified chemistry. This eliminates any guess work when it comes time for heat treating, and also allows for consistency in my blades.

The two primary steels I use are O1 and L6. These two steels work wonderfully in combination together for pattern welded steel. On their own, they each excel at different tasks.  O1 has extremely good edge retention, and L6 is a very tough steel that can take a beating, but will also hold a very good edge.

Both of these steels are a bit more complicated to work with, and heat treat than some of the simple, low alloy steels so commonly used today. In order to properly heat treat these steels, and bring them to their full potential, very tight, accurate temperature control is needed. I feel the extra time, and equipment required is well worth the effort in order to provide my customers with absolutely the best product.