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The swords I create are working weapons, designed to be used. As far as construction method, they are made as the originals were. Swords guards are fitted to each blade with a tight wedge fit, pommels are done likewise. A average weight for my blades will be around 2 to 2 ½ pounds, depending on design and function of course.

For grips on the sword, I prefer to use leather over a thread bound, wood core. Many swords were done this way though out the centuries. I feel it is one of the most forgiving types of grips to handle, and when done right, one of the most aesthetically pleasing as well. I will use other materials such as twisted wire, wood, and bone, depending on a customer’s wishes.

The average wait time for a custom sword, currently, is between six and eight months. Occasionally, I will have an available sword for sale that was not a custom order, but something I personally wanted to make. Those blades will be posted when they are available.

Creating the worlds Sharpest Swords
Heat treating is the process of hardening, or softening the steel. Forging steel can do horrible things to its internal structure. With the proper use of heat, you can “fix” the mess forging caused, and tailor its structure for each operation of manufacture. The type of equipment I use allows unbelievable control over each of these different processes.  I use high and low temperature salt baths, as well as a large,   electric furnace. This equipment allows me to get the most out of the types of steel I use, giving my customers a blade that will excel in performance.